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David Vitale wins the Men’s Open division in the ‘Lancelin Ocean Classic’ WA's Premiere International Windsurfing event

12th January 2013 (Article C/- continentseven.com)

More than 100 sailors arrived at ledge point from 8am for the Lancelin Ocean Classic marathon. Jet Ski West put on a an entertaining demonstration for the crowds of people waiting to see some of the world’s best windsurfers take to the water.

Sailors were preparing to use big sails on the course when in standard Lancelin Ocean Classic style, at midday, the winds came in SSW and built up to 24 knots just before the race. The elites were the first released and Peter Volwater, who won in 2012, got off to a great start with one of the smallest sails a 6.9 m. In the end it was a really close race between Peter Volwater, Steve Allen, Bjorn Dunkerbeck, Gunnar Asmussen and Jesper throughout the whole course. All 5 are competing on the PWA and were fighting for the top spots this time.

In the Male Open, David Vitale took first place in 31minutes 20 seconds followed very closely by Jake Dallimore in 31 minutes 26 seconds and in 3rd place was Aaron Gavin in 31 minutes 54 seconds.

In the Masters competition Matt Langer came in first in 28 minutes 35 seconds, followed by Peter Crommelin in 31 minutes 21 seconds and Adam Passmore was a close 3rd in 31 minutes 54 seconds. In the Grand Masters, John Grulich took first place in 32 minutes 53 seconds, followed by Craig Mann in 35 minutes 13 seconds and Tom Radis followed closely behind in 35 minutes 30 seconds.

After a long day on the beautiful WA coast the legendary after party was enjoyed by competitors, sponsors and spectators alike. We have enjoyed some of the best of WA weather and had a very exciting 3 days! As Peter Volwater stated: “What an awesome way to start the season.”