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VFP Sharpens the Edge with WWW...

Thursday, 11th February 2010

VITALE FINE PROPERTIES has updated its website introducing some exciting new features to the already clean, easy to use design. The way property offerings are displayed to prospective buyers surfing VFP’s site has been enhanced enabling the buyer the ability to gain a fundamental understanding of each listing in a very short amount of time. This means that once an enquiry goes to VFP’s sales team through the website, there is a high chance of the property matching the enquiring buyer. Because of this, buyers and sellers alike benefit by saving time and effort. Buyers spend less time looking for the right property and sellers have much of the burden of home preparation taken away by having a more qualified and well-suited buyer coming to view their property.

As VFP values being involved in the community and having a healthy work-life balance VITALE.NET.AU is not just a property website. The 'Lifestyle' and 'News' pages both include posts with pictorial slideshows so current and future clients of VFP have a visual snapshot of what the market is up to, what VFP is out there achieving as well as some local features of interest.

The internet is the way of NOW and the future and thus VFP understands the importance of being at the leading edge of information technology.