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Seventeen years of experience honed for your Real Estate success!

When navigating through an interesting and sometimes challenging property market, to ensure your ideal outcome is achieved, it’s vitally important you’re making the most informed decisions at all times.

Key to you making the most wise and informed decisions is the professional you decide to rely on to point out ALL of your options, as well as what the many and varied potential outcomes of executing any one of those options may be.

Real Estate is a forum where ‘perception’ can be a major component of who a buyer or seller chooses to work with as their preferred Real Estate Agent. In this fast pace day and age of smartphones, clever sales dialogue and big-budget marketing, the ‘perception’ created can be something very different to the reality. ‘Perception’ does not necessarily translate to one’s fitness for the job of being your trusted real estate professional capable of pointing out ALL of your options, then executing your chosen option with elite accuracy and precision in the manner a well-trained winning athlete would execute their specialist athletic event.

My name is David Vitale and I’m the Principal, Licensee & Auctioneer at Vitale Fine Properties a boutique estate agency now celebrating its tenth year. Just like I love my favorite sports windsurfing and cycling, I love being in the profession I’m in. My approach towards my role is much the same as my approach towards my two sports insofar as I’m constantly looking to hone and improve my skillset, fitness and form so I can perform for my clients at an elite level.

In my seventeen years of service as an agent and auctioneer, I believe I have acquired the skills vital to, and importantly hold the right values to be able to deliver your real estate success in the most ethical and professional way possible. I don’t have the highest number of listings, I am certainly not “number one” by the volume of sales I facilitate and hold no aspirations to become “number one.” In fact, for me to be able to deliver to my clients the service precision they need and quite frankly deserve, it would be humanly impossible for me to be a high volume agent who is… “number one.”

I invite you to connect with me today and allow me just a few moments of your time so you can explain to me what you’re looking to achieve. I’m extremely confident, my strategic reply to your goals will resonate with you.

My very best wishes,

David Vitale
Principal, Licensee & Auctioneer
0401 761 111