VITALE FINE PROPERTIES was established in 2007 and continues to grow from strength to strength in achieving outstanding sales results for its clients in all price echelons. Today, the agency remains boutique in style congruent with the team's mission:

"We provide our clients with a meticulous, highly personalised, polished agency service with the goal of raising the level of professional standards within the industry. Our devotion to this will invariably harness success for our clients ensuring our own success and enduring career satisfaction."

Focus, high energy, tenacity, commitment to skill set improvement, willingness to go outside the 'comfort-zone' as well as adopting a healthy work/life balance is what the culture at Vitale Fine Properties is all about.

VITALity. It’s in the name and is an essential ingredient to YOUR property success.  The team at Vitale Fine Properties hope to be of outstanding service to you in the near future and have you become one of our biggest advocates!

David Vitale
Principal, Licensee & Auctioneer
Celebrating seventeen years of service in Real Estate, David has developed an in-depth understanding of the Perth property market. His previous engagements include having worked with a number of powerhouse agencies in Perth and London. Through nothing but dedication, persistence and constantly improving on his skills, David has built an impressive sales record and earned a reputation for being a sincere, hard-working and professional individual. David has always maintained a health orientated well-balanced lifestyle which enables him to closely hone his focus when he’s at work selling his client’s properties. He has a huge passion for the ocean and will regularly be seen windsurfing or surfing down at Cottesloe’s ‘Dutch Inn’ or ‘Isolators’ breaks. David hopes to be able to be of assistance in helping you to adopt the right strategy for your next property play.
Alastair Baird-Murray
Sales Executive
Alastair Baird-Murray brings to the team at Vitale Fine Property more than 25 years of experience in negotiations and sales. Over this time, Alastair has developed the skill of being a ‘master networker’ and won a substantial following of friends and clients who trust him and enjoy his friendly and sincere disposition. Alastair’s pleasant nature combined with his underlying drive to provide an exemplary level of service means that all who come in contact with him on both a business and personal level walk away feeling special. This makes him an efficient real estate sales person with the ability to negotiate at all price levels in the market place. When not working, Alastair enjoys spending quality time with his wife Alison his son Guy. He has an appreciation for good food and wine, traveling abroad to see how others live and has a passion for motorsport. Alastair is ready, willing and very able to assist you in achieving your property aspirations!
Sophia Falco
Leasing & Management Executive
Sophia is excited about her long term future in the Real Estate with Vitale Fine Properties and continues to grow from strength to strength on her mission to achieve massive success. Outside of work, Sophia enjoys extending her knowledge in business at University as well as travelling and being around her family and friends.
Azalea Schultz
Client Liaison & Administration
Vitale Team